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Economic Resource Links

Salvatore Managerial Economics Link
Managerial Economics Textbook Thomas and Maurice
Microeconomic Theory Course
Managerial Economics Video Course
Managerial Economics MBA
Managerial Economics Crash Course
Managerial Economics Tutorial
Understanding Adam Smith's Invisible Hand

How the Stock Market Works
Understanding the Stock Market
Economics USA
Economics Basics
Microeconomics Basic Review
Entrepreneurship OFC Venture Challenge
Entrepreneurship Corner

Understanding Basic Finance William Ackman
What Business Students Should Study

Value of Thinking as an Economist

Why the Majority is always Wrong

Where in the World is it Easiest to Get Rich

How the Economic Machine Works - Ray Dalio

The Curse of Big Business - Tim Wu

Eonomics Internet Library
The Economist Magazine
Khan Academy
Harlem Children's Zone
TED Talks Education

Social Experiments to Fight Poverty: Banerjee


MIT Introduction to Mathematics in Finance Concepts

Google Self Driving Car
Google Self Driving Car Business Model
Chrysler and Google Driverless Car
Who Will Merge With Fiat Chrysler
Why Sergio Is Talking Mergers at Fiat Chrysler

FYMR Documents

Globalization and Higher Education

Business Education JAM Reimagining Business Education

Man vs Machine Will Human Workers Become Obsolete

Books and Videos

The Genius of Economics
The Genius of Charles Darwin
Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins
Abundance is Our Future Peter Diamandis
The Best Way to Predict the Future Peter Diamandis
Bold and Abundant Thinking Peter Diamandis
Bold Authors Tell All Peter Diamandis Abundance 360
Suimmit Recap

Daniel Pink and Work

Drive The Puzzle of Motivation Daniel Pink
Daniel Pink The Puzzle of Motivation
Driving Employee Engagement Daniel Pink
Why We Do What We Do Daniel Pink
Fear, Shame, Empathy and More Ways to Change
Behavior  Daniel Pink
To Sell is Human Daniel Pink
Oprah Winfrey Talks to Daniel Pink
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

Margaret Heffernan: Why it is time to forget the pecking
order at work

How Great Leaders Inspire Action Simon Sinek

Moonshot Video
StarTrek Renegades

Mankind the Story of All of Us
The Men Who Built America
America The Story of Us

Good to Great Jim Collins

Taking People with You David Novak
The Innovator's DNA
Howard Yu Leap
Howard Yu Leaderonomics
Noel Tichy & Warren Bennis Judgement
How the Mighty Fall Jim Collins
Great by Choice Jim Collins
Three Big Ideas
Outliers Malcolm Gladwell
David and Goliath Malcolm Gladwell
1927 Mississippi River Great Flood and Treatment of
Blacks John Barry
The Great Mississippi River Flood and How it Changed
America John Barry
Rising Tide John Barry

The Rise of Man

Masters of the Planet Ian Tattersall
How Humans and Insects Conquered the Earth E.O.
E.O. Wilson Build the Encyclopedia of Life
Journey of Man Spencer Wells
Spencer Wells Family Tree Summary
Andaman Island People First Out of Africa
Guns, Germs and Steel National Geographics
Guns, Germs and Steel Documentary
Guns Germs and Steel  Jared DiamondPart I)
Guns Germs and Steel Part 2
Guns, Germs and Steel Part 3
Guns, Germs and Steel Series Review1
Niall Ferguson Civilization The West and the Rest
Book Review Civilization The West and the Rest
Civilization Niall Ferguson PBS
Niall Ferguson Empire How Britain Created the Modern
The Second Machine Age Brynjolfsson and McAfee
Humans are Underrated by Geoff Colvin
Fortune Magazine Humans are Underrated
Human Capital the Most Valuable Asset Geoff Colvin
Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin
Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin with Charlie Rose
Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin with Charlie Rose II
The Drunkard's Walk Leonard Mlodinow
Optimism Bias Tali Sharot
Makers and Takers Rana Foroohar
Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fallout
of America
Kodak Turnaround

How the Poor Can Save Capitalism John Hope Bryant
North Carolina A&T John Hope Bryant
Global Financial Dignity Summit John Hope Bryant

Hillbilly Elegy J. D. Vance

500 Nations Destruction of  America's Native Peoples  
China Rising
American Holocaust:The Destruction of America's Native

Russell Means American Indian Movement


Columbus and His Crimes

How Portugal Became the First Global Sea Power
The Great Age of Exploration
History of Ancient China
The Lesson of China's Market Economy Doug Guthrie
China Rises-Getting Rich
Engineering and Empire: China
Zheng He-The Great Voyager 1405-1433 AD
1421 Chinese Discover America Before Europeans

Economic Development

Economic Development Singapore
The Demographic Transition
Truly Sustainable Economic Development Ernesto Sirolli
The Secret History of Genghis Khan
Kublai Khan The Building of The Mongol Empire
Marco Polo Journey to the East
Western Liberal Democracy Would Be Wrong for China
Martin Jacques Understanding the Rise of China
Martin Jacques When China Rules the World
Niall Ferguson The Great Divergence West vs The Rest
Is China the New Idol for Emerging Economies
Joseph Nye: Global Power Shifts
Development Economics Tabarrok and Cowen
How Ideas Trump Crises   Alex Tabarrok

The Rainforest:The Secret to Building the Next Silicon
Valley Victor Hwang

Why Innovation is like a Rainforest: Victor Hwang TEDx

Victor Hwang:2015 Emerging Issues Forum Innovation

The Rise of Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Yuval Noah Harari A Brief History of Mankind

How Sapiens Conquered the World

Will the Future Be Human

The Future of Humanity with Yural Noah Harari

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI and Business

AI Superpowers

Creativity: Do Schools Kill Creativity Sir Ken Robinson

Role of Place in Economic Development

How Government Segregated America

The Color of Law

NPR Why are Cities So Segregated

Jeffery Morgan Regenerating Neighborhoods with Cultural

Revitalizing Neighborhood through Cultural Heritage

Brookings Institution Transformative Place Making 1

Brookings Institution Transformative Place Making 2

Brookings Institution Transformative Place Making 3

Financial Literacy and Education

Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll

Curtis Carroll Financial Literacy "The Last Mile"

The Inmate Teaching Finance Behind Bars

The Chandlers Education and Out of Poverty - Charles

The Tradegy of Jackie Wilson the Man Behind the Music

Denzel Washington Life Advice

Warren Buffet's Life Advice

Warren Buffet Rules to Follow

Robert D. Atkinson 2015 Emerging Issues Forum
Innovation Reconstructed ITIF

Don Tapscott 2015 Emerging Issues Forum
Innovation Reconstructed Ugency of the Moment

Don Tapscott:Four Principles for the Open World

The Entrepreneurial State Mariana Muzzucato

Entrepreneurship Design Thinking - Heidi Neck

Entrepreneurial Intelligence - Heidi Neck

Dream Funded Website

Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure Tim

Niall Ferguson War of the Worlds
Niall Ferguson and James Fallows on Chimerica
James Fallows No Need for America to Panic Just
Yet Over Rising Global Power
Niall Ferguson Money
Niall Ferguson Economic Recovery
James Fallow with Charlie Rose Crackdown in
China's Economy Charlie Rose
PBS Website
PBS Videos
The Roots Project
African American Lives Henry Gates
Charlie Rose Interviews Henry Gates and Spencer
African American Lives PBS Skip Gates
Blacks in Latin America PBS Skip Gates
Blacks in Mexico and Peru PBS Skip Gates
Blacks in Brazil Skip Gates
Brazil Documentary
Slavery by another Name  Douglas Blackmon
Thomas Jefferson Contradictions Annette
Adam Huchschild on King Leopold's Ghost
King Leopold's Ghost
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bill Moyers Journal Economic Issues  
Enough The Phony Leaders
Magic Johnson 32 Ways to Be a Champion in
A.G. Gaston "Black Titan" Black American
A.G. Gaston Conference

Wealth Track
Cramer Mad Money Video
Cramer Mad Money Site
Chris Leinberger Transportation-Walkable
Chris Leinberger Presentation on Walkable
Singapore World's Richest City

Vertical Farming Singapore

21st Century Learning

21Century Education  

Creative and Active Learning

Where you Go Is Not Who You'll Be: College

What Makes a Great Teacher Great?
Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE)
History of Money Part I
History of Money Part II
Island of Stone Money
Ascent of Money
MSN Money
CNN Fortune Magazine
Fareed Zakaria CNN Global Public Square
Fareed Zakaria Homepage

Free Market vs Government

The Small Business Revolution
Small Business Revolution Documentary

Money Power and Wallstreet
The Financial Warning Brooksley Born
All The Devils are Here Why the  Market Crashed
All the Devils are Here
Milton Friedman
Paul Krugman
Too Big To Fail Andrew Ross Sarkin
The End of the Free Market Ian Bremmen Interview
The End of the Free Market Ian Bremmen Lecture
The End of the Free Market Squawk Box
Ken Rogoff This Time is Different
Ken Rogoff Debts,Deficits and Global Financial
Robert Skidelsky  Great Depression: Hayek vs Keynes
Gap Minder Data Visualization
TED Ideas Worth Spreading
Yale Global
Dan Ariely Behavioural Economics
Dan Ariely Predictable Irrationality
Economic Update Charlie Rose Krugman, Rogoff et.
Wage Gap Elizabeth Ananat. et. al Paul Krugman's
Review of Piketty's Book Capital
Capital in the 21st Century - Piketty
Piketty's Capital
Piketty's Capital in 3 Minutes

Lawrence Lessig Corruption in Political Election
Lawrence Lessig We the People, and the Republic
we must reclaim

Why Good Jobs Are Good for Retailers by Zeynep

Leadership Resource Links



Leadership Collin Powell

13 Rules of Leadership Collin Powell

Thinking Outside the Building Rosabeth Moss

Six Keys to Leading Positive Change Rosabeth Moss

Think Differently
Leadership Born or Made

Lessons of Steve Jobs: Guy Kawasaki

Technology and Social Revolution Steve Wozniak

The Black Pharaohs
Calvin Butts Abyssinian Church and Ethiopia
Calvin Butts Abyssinian Church and Ethiopia II
Exploration in Black Leadership Calvin Butts

New Orleans Business Start Up Boom Post Katrina
Bob Johnson Racial Wealth Gap
Star Trek Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols

Educational Leadership

Leading Change Terry MacTaggart
James Fallows of the Atlantic Speaks at AGB's
National Conference on Trusteeship
James Fallows: America's Strengths and
Weaknesses Moving Forward
Mark Zandi of Moody's speaks at AGB's National
Conference on Trusteeship
Thiel Fellowship Not to Attend College

Howard University President Ribeau
Howard University President Swygert
Howard University Rethinks Academic Legacy
Ezzell and Schexnider HBCU Leadership

HBCU Website
HBCU 105 Voices of History

Frank Deford Black Athletes

Inspirational Leadership

Leadership That Mysterious Talent

Zig Ziglar Goal Setting
Les Brown on Success

Harvard Business School Imagine Leadership
Harvard Business School Leadership
Harvard Business Library
Harvard  Business School Videos
MIT World

Center for Creative Leadership

The Future of Power Joseph Nye
Ambassador James A. Joseph on Leadership
Advancing Leadership in Economic Development
Conference Southern University College of Business
Leadership Perspective  Ken Blanchard
Geoffrey Canada Leadership Harlem Children
Warren Bennis Leadership

Jack Welch on Leadership 2005
Jack Welch 2009 Global Business Forum
Jach Welch Winning
Jack Welch Conversation
Jach Welch New Conversation
The Welch Way
The Real-Life MBA Jack and Suzy Welch

Mandela Release from Prison
Mandela Stature in London Gordon Brown
Manadela Release Video
King I have a Dream Speech
Congo Brutal History King Leopold
Patrice Lumumba
Ghandi Movie Clip

Leadership in Action

General Honore New Orleans Video
Tribute to General Honore
General Honore Website
Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva Brazil Leaders
Lee Kuan Yew Leader Singapore

Muhammad Yunus "Banker to the Poor"

The Promise President Obama Year One
Leadership President Obama Year Two
Lawrence Summers Debt Limit And Aggregate
Interview with George Will Conservative Columnist

The US Civil War

Dark Places of the Earth - Antelope by Jonathan

The True Story of a British Secret Agent In The
Civil War South

The Half has Never Been Told Edward Baptist