Planning for Spring 2019 Activities

2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Spring 2019

We are planning the Spring Advisory Council
Meeting in coordination with the Spring 2019 Strategic Planning
Retreat and College of Business Awards Banquet. Classroom visits
and the Awards Banquet are being scheduled and the Advisory
Council Meeting and Beta Gamma Sigma Luncheon.

Fall 2019

The College of Business is planning the 17th annual Gala on the
Bluff as part of its 2019 Homecoming Activities.  There will be
strategic planning activities on Thursday and the regular activities
on Homecoming Friday in terms of classroom visits, meetings and
Beta Gamma Sigma luncheon.

During Friday evening we are planning to hold the ninth annual  
Gala on the Bluff. This will be a top notch program with food and
live entertainment featuring nationally known
R&B, blues, zydeco
and jazz performers.

We need your support in planning, identifying sponsors and letting
your friends and relatives know about the program. Committees  
are working on the logistics and other program activities. Your
support and input is needed to make this activity a fundraising